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Fly with the bears in Moonlight Online

Justin Olivetti
Justin Olivetti|December 20, 2010 1:00 PM
Have you ever dreamed of a truly special mount in your MMO, perhaps a half-lion, half-tiger that you name a Liger? While Ligers may be a dream of the future, Moonlight Online has plenty of fanciful mounts now that don't easily fit in typical MMO stereotypes.

Coming soon to the game are a plethora of bizarrely beautiful mounts that run the spectrum from dinosaur (Megalosaurus), Harry Potter pal (Phoenix), combustible lupine (Flaming Wolf), round (Crystal Ball), blind (Bat), and two of the most unstoppable forces of nature combined into one (Angel Bear).

Players will be able to "evolve" these special mounts over time as well. Every time a mount levels up, it increases its attributes, gains faster speed, and even has the chance to gain a cool new skill, such an an AOE attack. Mounts also change in appearance as they evolve, which means that Angel Bear just got 100% more awesome.

Check out the new mounts as well as the game over at IGG's Moonlight Online forums.