Handmade adventure The Dream Machine available for pre-order

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|12.21.10

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Handmade adventure The Dream Machine available for pre-order
Though even games with multimillion-dollar budgets can claim to be handmade at some level -- those keyboards don't type themselves! -- very few can claim to be made from physical materials like cardboard and clay. It's fair to say that The Dream Machine, a painstakingly photographed point-and-click adventure by Anders Gustafsson and Erik Zaring, is a game with more substance than most.

The gorgeous indie adventure will be released in five episodes, and the first two are available now as part of a pre-order program. For 11 Euros (that's after a 20-percent discount for early buyers), you'll gain access to the first two parts and all that follow in the future. The Dream Machine isn't tethered to any specific device -- it's playable online from any computer (Mac, Linux or PC) and stores your save files and inventory safely in that great Cloud in the Skynet.

If you're curious, you can try the first episode for free right now. And if you wanted the whole thing for free, remind yourself that two guys have spent over two years squishing clay and cardboard into a game.%Gallery-111737%
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