iPad comes knocking on House of Representatives' door

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|12.20.10

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It's oftentimes hard to gauge the proliferation of electronic devices into everyday life while looking at them from our little bubble of early adopter enthusiasm. A much better vantage point for these things can be provided from the arms of government, among the most change-resistant places on any planet, and American legislators are letting us know that tablets, not the children, are our future. Texas Representative Henry Cuellar recently took the House of Representatives floor with an iPad in tow, which broke with the chamber's etiquette if not its rules. He's not alone, however, in hoping that the House dispenses with its Omega Man-style prejudice against electronics and permits their widespread use by Representatives. If nothing else, distributing bills of law electronically should make a nice dent in the "multimillion" dollar budget currently set aside annually for printing. Let's make it happen, guys.
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