T-Mobile finally getting in on the mobile 3G (or 4G) router craze next March?

Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T have all deployed MiFis (and MiFi equivalents) at this point, leaving T-Mobile as the sole US national carrier to do without a dedicated mobile router -- some sort of device you can throw in your pocket and turn on for those occasions when you need to turn a cellular data signal into a nice little pocket of WiFi. Looks like that's finally changing, though, with TmoNews leaking some shots suggesting that a device codenamed "Lil Wayne" -- yes, Lil Wayne -- will be introduced in March of next year, offering full 21Mbps HSPA+ speeds, followed by a second model in the second quarter of the year. The move makes a whole lot of sense for T-Mobile now that they're offering WiFi tethering on select phone models... and really, shouldn't we be using that shiny, new "4G" network in as many data-intensive ways as possible, anyway?