Microsoft to announce ARM-based Windows at CES?

We know Windows CE jibes with ARM-based architecture, but full-blown Windows? Looks like everyone and their respective mothers today -- to be specific, Bloomberg, AllThingsD, and the Wall Street Journal -- are reporting "sources" that claim Microsoft is set to announce Windows compatibility with ARM chips, which currently rule the roost in the mobile and embedded scenes, and more importantly dominate the tablet market. So yeah, we get the need for such a merge, and it'd really put Microsoft in a smart position for lower-power devices, but here's the catch: the products aren't expected for some time -- two years according to WSJ -- as drivers need to be written for the hardware.

Then again, this may all be for nothing. Cue another well-connected Microsoft reporter, ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, who has a decidedly tamer prediction: a new Windows CE / Embedded Contact -- you'll remember we saw it running on a Tegra 2 tablet back at Computex -- and maybe ARM support for Windows 8 (or Windows 8 "Lite"). In other words, no one has a clear, 100 percent idea of what to expect in January, so as we say, just stay tuned.

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