webOS 2.0 for the Sprint Palm Pre leaks out, added features in tow

Palm promised that webOS 2.0 would hit all of its devices in the "coming months," and it looks like work is trucking right along -- we were just sent these shots of the updated OS running in beta form on the original Sprint Palm Pre. Obviously there's not much here that we didn't pore over in our exhaustive webOS 2.0 review, but we're noting the addition of voice dialing and some preferences for the screensaver-like Exhibition View -- we're told just the time works right now, but photos, agenda view, and Facebook are all listed.

Interestingly, this first beta is labeled "HP webOS Nova-Barley" and carries the version number of 2.0.1, with builds for the unlocked Pre and AT&T / Verizon Pre Plus also available -- the Pixi and Pre 2 variants of this build haven't been completed. Performance is said to be solid, although "not fast enough," and things are a little buggy, which makes sense for a first beta. The final build that goes out as an OTA update will apparently be version 2.1, although that's not totally confirmed yet -- we're told that there are references to a "Nova-Barleywine" in the code, but it's not clear if that's another 2.x version or something else entirely. Yes, it's all very exciting, but unfortunately none of this is what we really want: new phones and new tablets. Let's get cracking, Palm.