Ziiiro Gravity and Mercury watches coming soon to a wrist near you

They're here, well, almost. Two attractive and legible alternatives to the over designed watch, Ziiiro's Gravity and Mercury, are now available for pre-order. No, they can't tell you if it's snowing out like Fossil's Connected, and they won't bump your 2010 year in review playlist like an iPod nano watch, but they do tell time like no other -- quite literally. The Gravity and Mercury have taken Ziiiro's lofty goal of stylish utilitarianism from concept to reality. The watches function without any of the markings of standard analog timepieces, instead using a continuously rotating combination of two rings to make temporal distinctions. The tip of the inner ring represents the hour, while the tip of the outer ring denotes minutes, and a fading gradient tracks the passage of time. Ziiiro doesn't let form override function, but it doesn't skimp on aesthetics, either: Mercury, which touts a stainless steel band, comes in four different color schemes, while Gravity boasts a patent pending bracelet strap (a silicone-metal combo), available in six colors. Both watches also feature pop-out faces, allowing for a variety of Swatch watch-style face-band pairings. However, while they're both readable and fashionable, these low frills watches don't come cheap: prices range from €100 to €143, or about $130 to $175.