Bulletstorm to feature a mother-hugging profanity filter

It's time once again to play Choose Your Own Analogy! Here's the situation: People Can Fly's Adrian Chmielarz recently addressed concerns about Bulletstorm's frequently obscene dialogue on Twitter, explaining that the game "features optional subtitles, and yes, you can tone the language down if you wish so." (In a followup tweet, Chmielarz suggested one might want to mute the voices and display the profanity in subtitles, say, if the kids could be listening from another room.)

Chmielarz clarified to Joystiq that the game will apparently feature options to tone down "both" the voice-overs and subtitles, though it's as yet unclear if that will entail replacement words or a simple censoring device. If the latter, here's where we play the analogy game: Based on the promotional material we've seen so far, we can't help but feel like playing through Bulletstorm with a dirty word filter on will result in more beeps than a ...

  • Car alarm factory

  • Old-timey Morse code station

  • Chiptunes concert

  • Los Angeles traffic jam

  • Beeper convention

  • Chiptunes concert held at a car alarm factory on the same block as the beeper convention