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Sleipnir Mobile browser 1.0 for iPhone released

Rick Martin
Rick Martin|December 24, 2010 4:30 PM
Sleipnir Browser for iPhoneHere's an intriguing browser for the iPhone coming out of Japan just in time for Christmas. It comes to us courtesy of Fenrir Inc, the same company who brought us the Sleipnir browser for the Mac Windows which is currently on version 2.96 with 3.0 in development.
Billed as a "web browser with highly functional tab features," Sleipnir Mobile's tabbed browsing features a couple of fun characteristics. The "Flick Wipe" function allows users to very simply flick a tab (located along the bottom, not on top) off screen by pushing it down out of view. The browser's "Hold & Go" feature lets you touch and hold a link to open it up in the background.

A representative with the company tells us that these are the browser's strong points that differentiate it from Safari and Opera. Of course, we don't expect Sleipnir to make any stunning grab of market share, but it's always pleasing to see more options for consumers. A homegrown choice will likely find at least a little support among Japanese users.

For a clearer idea of how these tabbed features work, check out Sleipnir's demo video below.