Rumor: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 comic art reveals Galactus and Taskmaster [update]

Neither Capcom nor Marvel has yet to announce an official comic tie-in for forthcoming fighting game collaboration Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but a posting on indicates that just such a product is on the way. The images seemingly reveal both Galactus and Taskmaster (aka "that guy who looks like Skeletor") as appearing in the game -- we already had Taskmaster on our leaked list last month, and it's possible that Galactus (the planet eater) is a boss character.

The image gallery has since been removed, but Shoryuken has all the pertinent images hosted on its website.

Also, we know we're supposed to suspend disbelief with the whole superhero thing, but the idea of Chris Redfield challenging the Hulk with a shotgun seems even more comical than his tree-trunk biceps.

Update: The post above has been altered to reflect the anonymity of the images origins. Though it has been reported that comic artist Kevin Sharpe created the images, it is not clear that he did any of the work referred to above.

[Image credit: Unknown]