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Netgear PTV1000 Push 2 TV WiFi video card hits the FCC

Nilay Patel

We've long said that wireless video streaming direct from a laptop is one of our dream gadgets, and while most of the gear we've seen is based on Wireless USB, it looks like Netgear's trying something a little different: this PTV1000 Push 2 TV Adapter just hit the FCC database, and it looks to send video from your laptop to your TV over WiFi. It's apparently built on an upcoming Intel standard called Wireless Display that requires a Core i3, i5, or i7 processor with integrated GMA graphics and Windows 7, but nothing's been officially announced yet -- and what little info we have isn't great, as the docs warn users that Wireless Display is unsecured and won't play all DVDs or Blu-rays. That's not a huge problem, we suppose -- all we want to do is beam a Hulu window to our TV simply and easily. We're assuming we'll find out a lot more at CES next week, stay tuned.

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