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Exploring PvP in Allods Online

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Allods Online, the upcoming game from gPotato has turned out to be wildly popular, hitting the ground running even in Closed Beta Test 1. They're now into Closed Beta Test 3, and while there is still lots of progress to be made (that's kind of the point of beta testing), most beta test players are having a great time exploring and learning.

Keen from Keen and Graev's Gaming Blog has been enjoying his beta experiences, and this week he got a taste of PvP in the Holy Lands. The first blog entry, posted Friday, shares some coverage of his PvP playtime. It's a great read, explaining how the PvE and PvP experiences intermingle, with the PvE quests taking you into the fully PvP Holy Lands as well as sharing some new thoughts on stats. Saturday's entry continued the adventure as Keen got the lay of the land a bit, scoring his first significant PvP win.

The short version is this: The Holy Lands are hard. You're going to get smacked around, mostly by other players. If you are up for a challenge you need to check this area out, but not without reading through Keen's blog entries first.

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