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GoToMyPC now includes Mac compatibility

Mel Martin

After a long beta period, GoToMyPC is now offering a full Mac release version of the popular remote access software. The cheapest option for the software and service, which is called "GoToMyPC for Mac," allows you to access one other computer (Mac or PC) and costs US$19.95 per month after a 30 day free trial. The Mac version requires Safari 3.0 or newer, or Firefox 2.0 or newer, Mac OS X 10.4 or later, and either a PowerPC G4/G5 or an Intel based Mac.

There are other somewhat similar solutions, including Apple's Back to My Mac (if you get get it working on your router), and LogMeIn. Back to my Mac only works Mac to Mac, so if there is a PC in the mix you're out of luck. LogMeIn Pro sells for $69.95 per year for access to 1 PC or Mac, and higher priced versions allow Mac access from an iPhone app. Our readers also point out there is also a free version that allows only screen sharing.

GoToMyPC generally gets good reviews, and I would like it a lot better if the company would let up on the obnoxious and constant radio promotions for the software. The advertising has probably worked for them, though, because GoToMyPC is a big seller to both corporations and individuals.

GoToMyPC for Mac is available now. Wouldn't it be nice if they would just call it GoToMyMac?

Update- These comments from the LogMeIn folks:

LogMeIn has had a Mac version of our Free product - LogMeIn Free - for quite some time, which provides full remote control of a Mac from either a PC or Mac.

LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone provides remote control from an iPhone (or iPod touch) to a PC running Free or Pro, or a Mac running Free. It is a one-time purchase from the iTunes app store and not an additional subscription fee.

Our latest product for Macs, now in beta is LogMeIn Pro2 for Mac. It introduces premium remote Mac access, including remote printing, sound and file transfer/folder synch). It is available for free trial at this link..

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