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AirStash expands your iPhone's storage, wirelessly

Tim Stevens

You may be able to get your iPhones and iPod Touches in 32GB flavors these days, but what's an unlucky early adopter stuck with an 8GB model to do? Get an AirStash, maybe, a device that pledges to add wireless storage to those devices and, potentially, make internal storage constraints a thing of the past. It looks like an oversized thumb drive, with a USB plug on one end and an SD slot on the other. Charge it up, dump some content on that memory card, throw it in your pocket and, according to the manufacturer, you'll be able to connect to it wirelessly from your handset -- and your friends too, if you like. There are some obvious security concerns here but right now we're going to completely ignore those because of the potential for greatness here, which we hope to see in the flesh in the next few days.

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