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Protoss 'mini-campaign' invades StarCraft 2's 'Wings of Liberty'


Although it still intends to release three versions of StarCraft 2 -- each featuring on a single-player campaign for the Terran, Protoss or Zerg races -- Blizzard has revealed that the first, the Terran-specific Wings of Liberty, will also feature "a Protoss mini-campaign that lets you control Protoss units," this according to an employee post on the game's official forums.

Not wanting to get anyone's hopes up too high, Blizzard says that the component is "way shorter than the Terran part," adding that it "will not prepare you for the multiplayer as Protoss, you won't be using all units or getting to know buildings and upgrades." The multiplayer component of StarCraft 2 will let players control all three races when Wings of Liberty hits this year someday.

[Via Big Download]

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