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Ralink debuts suite of networking hardware to form your beams and transmit your HD

Tim Stevens

Ralink has been hot on the high-definition streaming content front since this past summer and is now introducing networking hardware that'll make it easier to get all those lovely pixels from disk to display wirelessly -- plus a bevy of other high-speed networking goodies to boot. The RT3572 is a 300 Mbps 802.11n-enabling chip designed for inclusion in high-end displays and media players, including wireless streaming of Blu-ray playback, DLNA content, and IPTV. For general networking the company is introducing the RT3883 and RT3593 chips, which enable 450Mbps 802.11n connectivity and feature beam forming, meaning the transmitter can locate receivers and modify "various transmission parameters" to optimize connectivity. Finally, there's the RT3090BC4 combination 802.11n and Bluetooth Half MiniCard adapter, and a "world's smallest" USB 802.11n adapter, little larger than the USB port you'll plug it into. You know what that means: no unsightly protrusions.

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