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The Beatles: Rock Band limited edition for Xbox just $200 [update]


If you've got to get the Beatles: Rock Band limited edition into your life, but don't have $250 around to pay for it, you'll be happy with what Amazon has done. In fact, since what Amazon has done is "knock $90 off the price of the Xbox 360 version," it would be hard to imagine anyone being unhappy with it who doesn't work for EA or Amazon. Right now, you can get the Xbox 360 version of The Beatles: Rock Band, with the Beatles replica instruments, for $159.99. The PS3 version is not as dramatically discounted, but is still better than MSRP at $199.99.

If you want wireless instruments and the game, but don't care about the Beatles-esque look of the guitar and drums, you can get the Special Value Edition for $139.99 on either Xbox or PS3 -- or, for wireless drums, a copy of the Rock Band 2 special edition bundled with a copy of Beatles from EA's Rock Band Deals Online for $149.

In conclusion, don't ever pay $250 for Rock Band.

Update: Price has risen to $200 for the Xbox version -- the pitfall of reporting on markdowns. Also, fixed reference to wireless instruments in the Special Value Edition.

[Via Cheap College Gamers]

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