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WoW Moviewatch: The Worgen


Most machinima videos tend to clock in around 2 or 3 minutes, with even the story-driven movies reaching maybe 5 minutes on average. It takes a lot of work to film and render even a single minute of footage, which usually makes the shorter movies more manageable and effective. So, it was with a certain amount of curiosity that I fired up The Worgen for the first time.

The Worgen was created by Alexander Egeskog with the help of about a half-dozen people. The ultimate question for a movie like this is "Does the script and acting justify the longer film?" In my mind, I think it absolutely does. While some of the pacing could probably have been a little faster, I think the framework of the story sets up compelling reasons for a longer, more detailed approach to the film. Since the narrative is relayed from a father to a son, a certain amount of meandering and epic pacing is appropriate.

Ultimately, The Worgen was an engaging film to watch. I'm curious see what you thought of the movie, also, so please be sure to drop some comments if you have any feedback.

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