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Boxee box specs revealed


This is probably the last time we'll post about the Boxee box, as it's not really an Apple product, but given that it's based on software that lots of Apple TV and Mac mini owners use, and that we've been following its release, I figure we can update you one more time. Over at CES, Boxee has officially announced the strangely shaped media center, and released specs for it: It'll sell for "under $200" by D-Link, play everything from DivX to H.264 MKV and even Flash 10.1, and let you log on to plenty of online services, including Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr, along with the Boxee app itself, obviously.

Sounds like quite a device. Release date is set only for "the first half of 2010," but it seems closer than ever to actually appearing on store shelves. Our only real concern is that shape -- how exactly is that supposed to fit in our already crowded entertainment center?

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