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Broadcom and RVU alliance tout new chips and demos

Ben Drawbaugh

One of the great expectations we had for CES 2010 is an honest to goodness multi-room DVR. Sure others have what they call MRV, but in reality it doesn't give the same great experience at every TV in the house. Now we've heard about the RVU Alliance's lofty goals and impressive list of founders, but lets face it, it doesn't exist until you see it for yourself. According to a few recent press releases, not only will we be able to bring you hands-on and videos of the technology in action, but Broadcom has a couple of new system on a chips (SoC) that have RVU Alliance's Remote User Interface (RUI) technology built right in -- you know the pixel perfect remote user interface technology. Stay tunned for more as we have a chance to search out the show floor for demos.

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