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'Cloudsurf' trademark joins wave of Sony cloud computing hints


Sony has filed a trademark notice here in the U.S. for the word "Cloudsurf," and the trademark relates to a number of different products and services, including everything from audio players to game consoles to video cameras, as well as online distribution of games, music and television. In other words, it could be for anything that Sony has made or sold, ever.

Edge guesses that it could have something to do with online distribution or even storage via a subscription model, and you might remember that earlier last year, Sony trademarked "PS Cloud," then hinting at a "cloud computing" system to provide storage or processing over the Internet. Of course, companies file trademarks all the time, without any obligation to reveal or release whatever product they're working on. So right now, "Cloudsurf" is made up of nothing but thin air -- permeated, we'd imagine, by a floaty, visible mass of condensed water droplets.

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