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CradlePoint introduces pair of 4G routers, one for home, one for the road

Tim Stevens

We're in Vegas this week, enjoying the sights and sounds of Sin City -- and the 4G wireless. Blistering city-wide wireless is great, but everyone having to have their own USB adapters isn't so much fun. If only we had one of the new 4G routers that CradlePoint is launching this week. The first, a portable model, can beam WiMAX out again as an 802.11n signal to up to 16 people, sporting VPN, WEP, and WPA security. Should you go out of 4G range (not hard to do) there's a USB port through which you can connect a 3G modem, and four hours of battery life should get you through the most grande of lattes if you can't find an open plug at the coffee shop. For the wired lifestyle there's the CBA750, adding a WAN port and four LAN ports to the mix, ditching the battery, and taking its power exclusively over Ethernet. That's convenience. The CBA750 is available right now for $249, and we expect the portable version to go for the same price whenever it hits the Strip.

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