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EverQuest II preview of Stonebrunt Highlands

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Sony Online Entertainment has released another preview of the upcoming EverQuest II: Sentinel's Fate, focusing again on the overland areas. After our last peek at Sentinel's Fate, we were eager to see more, so this is welcome news.

Today's preview is of the Stonebrunt Highlands, an area for players level 85-90, with quests to "reveal long buried mysteries about the inhabitants." Players will begin in Moonfield Hamlet, a starter zone that will familiarize everyone with the area and give some hints about how and where to proceed. The majority of the area seems to center around the Erudites of Erudin (we are guessing they are a brainy lot) and the dangers threatening them, and it's sure to provide plenty to learn, explore, and of course battle.

Adam "Zaphax" Stevens is responsible for putting this new area together, and his comments on the preview page reveal the fun the artists had creating it. Take a look at the gallery for some preview images, and the official page for some hints from Stevens and a look at some preview images.

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