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Garmin's CES leaks confirmed, please try to act surprised

Tim Stevens

It wouldn't be a CES without a little leakage, and there hasn't been any shortage this year. Garmin's lineup of prize winning thoroughbreds sneaked out last night, and rather than close the barn doors the company has flung them wide open, confirming all four things:
  • Voice Studio: As expected, this app will let you record your own navigation voiceover, meaning you can do fun things like say "right" when they should go left, and "turn around" when they should keep going straight. Garmin not only confirmed it, but you can download it right now! Happy pranking.
  • Zumo 665: This motorcycle-friendly navigation unit is also confirmed, as is its XM radio compatibility and A2DP wireless for streaming tunes and directions right into your lid. At a $999 MSRP, though, we'd almost rather get lost.
  • ecoRoute HD: The ecoRoute HD will indeed be launching in March of this year, retailing for $149, and providing the Greenpeace subscribing backseat driver we all crave.
  • Approach G3: Finally, the links-specific GPS from Garmin has also been confirmed, shipping with a database of 12,000 course maps and not relying on any subscriptions or fees for use. More money for lessons, then.

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