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iGUGU Gamecore takes PC gaming to the TV with complicated, accelerometer-packing wireless controller


We've seen plenty of methods for emulating PC input schemes from a couch, but nothing's really beaten the tried and true "put a board across your lap" method. We're not sure the new iGUGU Gamecore has a leg up on the competition, but you can't fault it for trying. The system is actually a three-fold approach to the problem: there's a 50 foot VGA cable or wireless USB method for beaming your PC video to the TV and some TV-friendly software for managing your games library, but the obvious centerpiece is the monstrous wireless controller (pictured). Bearing a slight resemblance to an Xbox 360 controller and retailing for $80, the beast packs in a trackball, d-pad, joystick, full QWERTY keyboard and six accelerometers for making a mess of just about any PC game imaginable. Seems interesting, and we'll try to give it a look here at CES, but the completely ridiculous promo video (embedded after the break) makes us think twice about taking these folks seriously.

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