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Motorola Droid likely getting Android 2.1, so says Sanjay Jha

Chris Ziegler

One dude we didn't really expect to see at an event touting the HTC-sourced Nexus One was Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha, but sure enough, he showed up at the tail end of the show to take a few questions. The big news there might be his statement that he "thinks" his company will update the Droid to use the Nexus One's build -- Android 2.1 -- meaning that there's a fighting chance we'll see first-party 3D accelerated apps, live wallpapers, and a replacement for that infernal app drawer on Verizon's flagship device. Interestingly, Jha and Andy Rubin have defended Android's fragmentation with different devices getting updated to new versions at vastly different paces by pointing out that 2.1's 3G support wouldn't have been possible if backward compatibility was a priority (in other words, first-gen devices without 3G chipsets don't stand much of a chance here). And hey, how are they going to get you to spill a few hundred bucks every year or two if the phones don't run significantly more awesome software?

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