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Samsung to demo a trio of innovative OLED displays

Tim Stevens

OLEDs have still yet to tackle the basics, getting bigger and cheaper, yet here's Samsung doing some funky stuff with them. The company will have three displays doing their thing this evening, the first being a 14-inch, 960 x 540 display that can switch between two channels fast enough to enable 3D viewing. It has a contrast ratio of 100,000:1, a greater than NTSC color gamut, and a predictably delectable 1.6mm thickness. Next up is another 14-inch model but with a different trick: it's transparent. We've seen such things before, but never at this scale. Finally we have some further information about that passport-sized OLED display showed off earlier this year. It's only two-inches in width, but interestingly it's powered entirely by RF, so no direct power source or battery is required; when paired with an RFID the display will power on when the card is scanned. That leaves us to wonder if these will be harder or easier to duplicate than existing forms of identification, but unfortunately our forgery expert McLovin could not be reached for comment.

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