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Capcom teases Super version of SFIV Tournament Edition joystick [update]


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Update: Capcom's Twitter feed got a bit more informationey later on this evening, showing off the Capcom suite at CES, complete with "new hotness from Mad Catz." Though the shot is significantly more blurry, it certainly seems to indicate a new arcade stick coming from Mad Catz for Super Street Fighter IV.

Considering the Consumer Electronics Show is happening right this minute in Las Vegas, it's no surprise that Capcom's Twitter account is busy teasing pictures of yet-to-be-revealed arcade sticks for the upcoming sorta-sequel Super Street Fighter IV. As you can see in the image above, an inky outline of Ryu overlooks a more colorful button set than the previous game's stick. Additionally, the shape of the controller's box certainly bears a striking resemblance to the Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition joysticks from Mad Catz that were in such short supply last year. We've followed up with Capcom but were told there's no official comment just yet.

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