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CES Watch: More clocks and docks


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As expected, there are a number of iPhone and iPod-related accessories coming out of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. Here's a couple we've seen already:
  • iHome's got both audio systems and alarm clocks on display -- the clocks even have a sync button that will pull the time in straight from your iPhone or iPod, so no more having to set it yourself.
  • They've also got another unit for the kitchen, but is it just us or do these all look pretty much the same?
  • Sharper Image has a clock that uses an app on the iPhone screen as the clock hands, while sitting in a dock that holds numbers around the handset. They also have a speaker dock that can pull sports, news, and weather information from a custom app and display it on a separate LED screen. Pretty cool, actually, even if an iPhone already gives you all of that information anyway.
  • FLO TV and Mophie are trying to bring mobile television to the iPhone this year.
  • And Tunebug is showing off "surface sound" speakers -- you attach a little piece to a bike helmet or other surface, and it turns the whole thing into a giant speaker, sending the music into your head. Freaky.
So far, as you can see, it's mostly clocks and speakers. Which sounds about right for CES, actually -- not everybody gets to release an augmented reality helicopter. We'll keep an eye on the show all this week, and let you know about any other iPod-related releases there.

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