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Jabra Extreme promises to beat background noise to a bloody pulp

Chris Ziegler

Holding a meaningful conversation in the middle of, say, a rock quarry or a steel factory isn't the simplest task in the world -- it requires a booming voice, a knack for picking out voices in the most distracting environments, and extreme patience on the part of your callee. Bluetooth headsets are particularly susceptible to call-killing background noise, giving rise to a number of technologies designed specifically to hush it; Motorola's CrystalTalk and bone-conducting HX1 are both good examples. Jabra rolled out its latest two-mic noise canceling algorithm -- Noise Blackout Extreme -- when it launched the Stone a few months back, and now it's taking that same tech over to the lower-cost (and aptly-named) Jabra Extreme. Pretty, it's not -- at least, not compared to the Stone -- but at $80, it's more of a function-before-form sort of deal. Look for it to hit stores this month.

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