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Microsoft says Project Natal coming 'holiday season 2010'


According to a press release summing up Microsoft's CES 2010 keynote that dropped just before Ballmer took the stage, the company will be releasing Project Natal in "holiday season 2010." We heard earlier today about what year the future controller would be arriving, but now, folks, now we know during which group of months it'll be arriving at retail.

The release explicitly states that the still-codenamed Natal project is "scheduled to be available in holiday season 2010," adding that Natal "is only the most recent example of Microsoft's work creating natural user interfaces." With any luck, by E3 we'll have an actual name and maybe even a specific month for when we'll get to check it out at home! Until then, we'll have to get by with the inspirational video about Natal's origins created for today's release, embedded above.

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