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PSA: Watch Microsoft's CES keynote online tonight

If your interest in all things Microsoft extends to a barely gaming related keynote address, then we've got some good news. Major Nelson tipped us off that Microsoft will be streaming its 2010 Consumer Electronic Show keynote -- hosted by the zany Steve Ballmer and and Robbie Bach -- tonight at 9:30PM EST. Sadly, tonight's viewing has been sullied by the fact that we pretty much know what we're going to hear in the way of Xbox news. But, like our marathon sessions of Titanic, we won't let our prior knowledge ruin our enjoyment of tonight's big show.

Also, the fine folks at Engadget will be liveblogging the entire event, if you'd prefer to read about all the excitement. Get some popcorn ready, and let's hope for more of this... oh, and this.

Source: Watch Microsoft's CES 2010 keynote live, at 9:30PM

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