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Rogers and HTC give up: Magic will see Android 2.1, but Dream gets a pass


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Seems that all your cries out in Rogersland have forced somebody to rethink the official company line on updates from OS 1.5 for the Rogers HTC Dream and HTC Magic. The message was simple: there would be no updates for the devices beyond 1.5. MobileSyrup's now heard directly from HTC that there will indeed be upgrades to both devices, with the first scheduled in the next weeks. Bump one will apparently see "a number of benefits for these devices, including bringing the HTC Sense experience to the HTC Magic" though the OS version will stay at 1.5 -- in other words, you'll basically get a current-gen Hero. While that's cause for celebration, mid-year is when we'll get to the meat of the tweaks as we'll apparently see an upgrade to 2.1 for the Magic, but the lowly Dream -- due to "certain limitations," likely meager internal storage if we had to guess -- will stay at 1.5. So there you have it, your sets may get better in the near term and much better -- at least for some -- half way through the year.

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