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Rumor: Apple employee says tablet UI has "steep learning curve"


There's yet another tablet post at Cult of Mac today. This time, a reader shares info from a "friend" who works at Apple (the Internet seems rife with people who've got loose-lipped friends at Apple; friends who are willing to discuss their employer's secrets at coffee shops) regarding the tablet's UI. According to the friend, consumers should " ready for a steep learning curve regarding the 'new' Apple product about to be released [and its] interface."

The reader goes on to say that his informant was fresh from a meeting when s/he shared this little tidbit. Perhaps using her iPhone. In the hallway.

The takeaway is obvious without this post: The tablet will behave in a way that we aren't expecting. For some, the iPhone's UI took some learning, as most consumers hadn't seen a touchscreen device before, let alone a touch-based phone. That doesn't mean it will be difficult to use, just different.

Rumors are rumors but one thing is certain: they're only going to get worse between now and the tablet's release.

[Via MacDailyNews]

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