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Sony confirms expansion of PlayStation Network ID, wallet to other Sony devices


Chances are you represent one (or 12) members of the 38 million-strong PlayStation Network community. At CES in Las Vegas, Kaz Hirai confirmed Sony's intention to expand the PSN well beyond the PS3 and PSP. As the above slide shows, Sony's premium video offerings will expand to some of Sony's other products, including Bravia televisions and VAIO laptops. Taking a page from Microsoft's Live Anywhere philosophy, a single user ID and password will work across all Sony products and services. Going a step further, the PSN virtual wallet can be used universally across Sony's services.

To help facilitate the cross-proliferation of content across Sony's multiple devices, Hirai also announced the creation of a new division within Sony: the not-very-creatively named Sony Network Entertainment, Inc. With this new initiative, expect the PSN logo to be far more ubiquitous than ever before.

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