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Dan O'Halloran

Not only are we taking applications for a resto/moonkin druid columnist, a holy paladin columnist, a lore columnist and an addon columinst, but now we'd like to throw the shaman column into the mix. After over two years of throwing down shaman advice like totems at an Onyxia raid, Matt Rossi is moving on to other writing duties on the site (and continuing with the warrior column.) And, as with the other hybrid class columns, we are going to take this opportunity to split the column into two weekly installments to focus on specific talent trees.

Our very own Michael Sacco, who has recently been promoted to Editor here as well as taking over the reins of the WoW Insider Show podcast, will be writing a weekly elemental shaman installment of Totem Talk. That leaves us with the need for an restoration/enhancement shaman columnist, with a particularly strong background in the healing aspect. If that's you and you want to get paid to write about your favorite class, follow the directions listed on our application page. You have until end of day Friday, January 15th to apply.

We are no longer accepting applications. We are currently reviewing the hundreds that have poured in. I will update this post when we have selected our new columnists. Thanks!

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