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Are you not entertained? Indie game 'Creed Arena' throws gladiators into the future

A new Xbox Live Indie Game from Safari Studios, a dev comprised of two brothers from Australia, placess gladiators in a semi-futuristic arena, vying for the adoration of a bloodthirsty mob. It's like they plucked the design document from our own horrifying dreams. Creed Arena launched on Microsoft's Indie platform on January 1, 2010, after ranking among the Top 20 titles in the 2009 Dream Build Play competition.

Looking to bathe in blood in front of millions of virtual fans? Creed Arena is available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 400 ($5). Make sure to follow Joystiq on Twitter, where we will give away a download code for a free copy of the game later today. Footage of frantic action can be watched after the break.

Queue the free trial of Creed Arena on your Xbox 360

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