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Canon A-Series compact cameras hands-on

Tim Stevens

Compact cameras are produced in such great numbers and their models refreshed with such great frequency that it's hard to get too excited with each new iteration. It's particularly hard when that refresh is as evolutionary as it is here. But, if it ain't broke you truly shouldn't fix it, and it's hard to find much fault with Canon's compact line. So, the new A-series cameras announced earlier this week, ranging from the A490 all the way up to the A3100 IS, feature changes that are definitely of the evolutionary side. The primary difference is in the packaging, taking more styling queues from the Elph line and generally looking slimmer and sleeker than before. SDXC compatibility is in the cards if you're the wealthy type, but otherwise these won't break the bank, ranging from a thoroughly affordable $110 up to a still quite reasonable $180 for the A3100 IS.

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