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Hands-on with the low profile Ceton quad CableCARD tuner

Ben Drawbaugh

We caught up with Gary Hammer from Ceton this morning and snapped some pictures of the low profile quad CableCARD tuner that will be the first version to reach consumers. The card includes a little RG6 dongle so that it'll fit in either a full or low profile PCI-E slot and will be available late in the first quarter for $399 -- an exact date wasn't given, but we believe this means March 31st. The other new tidbit is that there is a new fan on the card that helps keep things cool. The tuner will at least be available for purchase on Ceton's new website via Amazon, but we're told there's plenty of interest from other retailers to carry the product when it launches. Ceton's intention is to offer this to the mainstream, so the initial product will be in a retail package and will also be bunlded with new PCs. We tried to get Gary to tip his hat in regards to other configurations that might reach the market and although he's on the same page with our dreams, he wanted to focus on the initial offering for now, but did promise multiple configurations are in the works and expected in 2010.

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