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HDHomeRun's CableCARD implementation lives up to the brand

Ben Drawbaugh

We have always thought the HDHomeRun was an ingenius idea, especially since it's possible to share multiple tuners with multiple PCs over the network. When we first learned that SiliconDust was going to release an HDHomeRun that supported CableCARD, we were concerned that our favorite features wouldn't make it into the product. So we dropped by the booth and checked out the development board (pictured above) to learned more about the plans -- this is a dual tuner test board, despite the fact it looks like it has three. The best news is that you'll be able to share a tuner with multiple Media Center PCs, which is really cool. Now obviously only one PC can use a tuner at a time and if the content is marked Copy Once, you can only watch it on the PC where it was recorded, but it is still cool. The HDHomeRun software that works with the existing hardware, also works with this, but isn't required. SiliconDust expects to start the beta in the next few months -- no you can't sign up yet -- with a release later this year. The box will look a lot like the existing single tuner HDHomeRun (the blue one pictured in the gallery) but without the hump and will include a CableCARD slot and a USB port. Speaking of the USB port, it is for a Tuning adapter, but you can also plug it directly into the PC like the ATI or the Ceton card, but obviously that kind of defeats the purpose.

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