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Iomega CES 2010 media streaming lineup and V.Clone software hands-on

Jacob Schulman

Iomega's announced multiple new storage solutions here at CES, and we just got a chance to go hands-on with all the new stuff. They've definitely brought more than just vanilla hard drives and NAS's this year, so read on past the break for a quick rundown of the notable features on the latest from the storage giant, and be sure to check out the full gallery below.

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First off is the iConnect, which is essentially a souped up NAS with three USB drives and some more advanced features. It's got a built-in iTunes media server, a torrent client, wireless-N, and works with PCs or Macs. It also has a cool "copy jobs" feature, which will allow a user to automatically copy media from any location on the network to any other location on the network, either manually or on a user-defined schedule. Additionally, you can quickly duplicate drives that are attached to the device by simply pressing the Quick Transfer button up front.

Next up is the V.Clone software, which will ship with every new Iomega hard drive after Q1, and will be up for download at the end of January. It's essentially a Time Machine clone for Windows, and will create a complete backup in the form of a virtual machine of your whole PC. Simply plug the hard drive into another computer, launch the V.Clone software, and you'll have your whole machine virtualized in a Parallels VM. We were told that due to the obvious virtualization issues surrounding the OS X EULA, there are no plans to bring it to OS X -- it's compatible with XP, Vista, and Windows 7 only.

Finally, there's the ScreenPlay Director HD as well as the ScreenPlay TV Link. They're both essentially network streaming media devices that allow you to display all types of media on your HDTV. They both support 1080p and have ethernet connections -- no WiFi, though a dongle is available. The only real difference between the two is the 1TB drive in the ScreenPlay Director, which allows you to store media directly to the device as a NAS / media streaming combo.

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