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More Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce media than you can shake a Dragon Sword at


If you only play games with Ryu Hayabusa in them, then Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce is likely to be your first experience with Koei's historical-ish brawler franchise. If you only play games with the ancient Chinese ruler Fu Xi in them, however, you're likely to be much better versed in the series. In either case, there's a Strikeforce for you: as reported, Fu Xi (and other characters from the Warriors Orochi series) appear in the Xbox 360 version, and Ryu in the PS3 version, both with exclusive missions that grant you the use of their "signature weapon" when completed.

New galleries give you a look at Fu Xi and the extra-beefy crossover ninja. And a new trailer (above) does what it can to get you pumped about Strikeforce, the Dynasty Warriors game with not only characters from other franchises, but giant tigers in it!

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Gallery: Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce (Ryu) | 5 Photos

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