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Palm adds 3D gaming to webOS, gets big EA franchises


One of the biggest players in the battle against Apple's ubiquitous iPhone is Palm. webOS, introduced in the Pre, is an attractive mobile operating system, but has sorely lacked the one thing gamers are most interested in: booth babes games. That's about to change, as Palm has announced a significant update to the webOS platform at CES today.

Seven 3D games from EA, Gameloft and Glu have been announced for the Palm App Catalog, including Need for Speed Undercover, The Sims 3, Let's Golf! and X-Plane. Best of all for Pre and Pixi owners, these games can be downloaded right now. Engadget noted that the games "integrate seamlessly in webOS," allowing users to automatically pause a game to respond to a text message.

The Palm App Catalog is still in its infancy, with approximately 1000 apps currently available to download. Who knows? Perhaps today's announcement will encourage the billions of fart app developers for Apple to start looking at multi-platform flatulence programming.

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