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Razer wants cut of Xbox 360 peripheral business


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Peripheral manufacturer Razer is dipping its shaved toes in the console market, announcing "preliminary approval" from Microsoft to produce an Xbox 360 controller and headset. The $50 wired Onza -- that's the controller -- will have Razer Hyperesponse technology that'll "give faster actuation and a crisp, tactile feel." What's that now? Oh, oh, we pressy the buttons and they make the things happen? Gotcha! Why not just say that? That's what we want from a controller.

The Razer Chimaera headset, which will retail for $130, features 5.1 channel virtual surround sound. The headset also allows "multiple Razer base stations to be connected to create a direct, private communication channel for in-game team conversations" -- or the rest of us can just start a party chat? Best part, though, the "circumaural design of the headset allows for optimum noise isolation for long-hours of comfortable gameplay." Thus allowing gamers to totally tune out their parents, spouse, or crying and hungry child.

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