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Rumors and speculation: No Intel in the tablet, no Flash either


(TUAW Tablet concept, designed by reader Juan Secin)
Scott Moritz over at The Street has new rumors about the tablet today (though be warned, Moritz isn't first in the hearts of Apple crystal-ball gazers): he says that the tablet does not include any Intel chips inside, and that Apple has instead elected to go with another provider for the little pieces of metal, silicon and plastic that will power what many expect to be the new revolution in portable computing. He cites Apple's "design manufacturing partners" as sources, although of course neither Intel nor Apple have anything to say about the subject.

And elsewhere in the tablet rumorscape, John Gruber has a followup to his big tablet speculation post that's worth a read. He says that yes, of course, the App Store will deliver apps to the platform, that yes, there may be an SDK delay (although don't forget, we've already heard about a possible new SDK going around), that yes, the new tablet may offer up non-app iTunes content from indie providers, and finally that no, the tablet probably won't have Flash, for the same reasons that the iPhone doesn't.

Which all sounds legit, though even Gruber admitted in his other post that his theories were based on reasoning more than any secrets he'd heard. We're getting a pretty good picture of the tablet as we go along here -- odds are it'll get even clearer before we see the thing on stage.

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