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Smartfish ErgoMotion Keyboard fingers-on

Jacob Schulman

The crew at Smartfish have been working overtime on their world hunger-ending, carpal tunnel-killing, and totally innovative peripherals, and they're finally ready to introduce the complement to its ErgoMotion mouse: the ErgoMotion keyboard. We got to lay our overworked, underfed fingers on a prototype on display at Digital Experience, and although it's certainly nifty, we can't say we're rushing to buy one. Our key presses felt somewhat shallow, but we'll cut the crew a little slack because it's still a prototype. The selling point here is the fact that the keyboard itself is segmented in two, and is programmed to reconfigure itself periodically -- a phenomenon that definitely takes some getting used to. The movements, although subtle, are definitely noticeable, but see for yourself in the videos after the break.

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