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Sony Ericsson's 'Robyn' pops into the limelight -- an X10 mini?


Sony Ericsson's supposed Xperia X10 mini -- potentially codenamed "Robyn" -- may have made an appearance thanks to GSMArena and a couple pics. Surprisingly, they lack blur, but the bad news is that there's not a lot of background on what's going on here -- we're missing specs and a cohesive answer to what market Sony Ericsson could be targeting here. If Robyn is indeed the real deal, rumor says it'll be running Android, features a much smaller touchscreen, 3G, some type of camera, and come in a range of colors -- and we figure that alone should make its older sibling, the Xperia X10, green with envy (but only figuratively). With Mobile World Congress just around the corner and a lack of announcements out of these guys at CES, we'd wager we'll hear more soon.

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