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Valkyria Chronicles' Isara playable in sequel


Valkyria Chronicles 2 will apparently have a playable version of Isara, the original game's protagonist's little sister, for those who have a save file of the first game. AndriaSang reports, VC2 owners without the save file can pick up Isara through a password that will be posted on the game's website at a later date. The odd alternate universe of playable characters doesn't end there, as passwords to access Faldio Landzaat and Maximilian will be posted on February 4 and 18, respectively.

Fans of the first game should understand how inconceivable this crossover feature is in the context of the gameworld, but don't take the additions of these characters as canon. We're not exactly sure how the bonus characters will fit in, but we're assuming their appearances are just fan service.

Valkyria Chronicles 2 will be released later this month in Japan, and then this summer in America and Europe.

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