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XpanD announces "world's first" Bluetooth 3D glasses, will bundle them with VIZIO XVT Pro

Vlad Savov

You know what's been missing from our craniums lately? A little bit of the old Bluetooth-enabled headset stuff. Never mind the fact 3D glasses don't really need Bluetooth -- after all, it's pretty hard to find a scenario where you'd utilize 3D glasses while breaking line of sight with the source device. Then again if we only ever designed and bought stuff we needed, things like CES wouldn't exist. To be bundled with VIZIO's new 3D LCD TVs, XpanD's active-shutter glasses feature "the highest-speed LCD lenses, lowest crosstalk and the highest viewing angle" and strategic partnerships (read: bundle deals) with other major manufacturers are being developed as we speak... type, whatever.

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