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Do some recon on Spec Ops: The Line with these screens


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2K Games sent over some new screens from upcoming Spec Ops: The Line and, as one can imagine, the shots feature a lot of the same stuff we saw in the VGA trailer last month: sand; dilapidated buildings; and lots of bang-bang shoot-shoot. While producer (and ex-GameSpot EIC) Greg Kasavin played up the appeal of setting a game in a veritable wonderland of architecture (see: neat buildings to shoot dudes in) during a recent interview, we have to wonder if staring at all of these bieges, browns and mustards will become annoying after a while. We guess everyone will find out when the game releases later this year.

In the meanwhile, feel free to head into our gallery below to check out the new screens, which even include a shot that would probably give Bill O'Reilly a heart attack.

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